Friday 15 August 2014

Our concert review

So we got a review in the Juterbog paper. Here is the link to the original article.  

And here is the English translation, kindly done by Isa Sinclair.

Church with recording quality

The opening event was worth it: The Youth Orchestra from the Canadian City Calgary gave a charity concert for the restoration of the Rühlmann-Organ. Despite the free admission a lot of donations were collected.

A beginning is made: On Thursday a total of 1068,21 Euros was donated for the restoration of the Rühlmann-Organ by the audience of the charity concert in the Nikolai Church of Jüterbog.
More than 200 people came to the Donation-Opening with a Symphony-Concert-Evening.
Among others the Youth Orchestra played works by Beethoven, Mozart but also Bach.

Concert with recording quality

Already with their first piece, the brilliantly played “Reformation-Symphony” by Mendelssohn for the opening, they had the audience on their side. Applause lasting for several minutes rewarded the young musicians. And the Orchestra itself was impressed at the end: Conductor Edmond Agopian praised the excellent acoustics in the church in Jüterbog, “ this here has recording quality”, he raved after the concert. He promised that he would like to come back to Jüterbog with his orchestra one day.
the rest is about the restoration of the organ

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