Wednesday 6 August 2014

August 6th

Amid flotsam and jetsam, lost luggage, forgotten bags, oversized percussion boxes, missing timpani and missed boats, the CYO Germany tour is well underway! 

Yesterday (August 5th) was spent flying, driving around Berlin and sailing down the river Spree in the rain. We are staying near the centre of Berlin. 

Today we were awakened at 7am and went on a driving tour of the city. We saw the Brandenburg Gate, remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Tiergarten, the Reichstag and Potsdamer Platz. It was sobering to imagine the Wall, or the two walls really, with No Man's Land in between. We also saw the concert house where the Berlin Phil plays. Awesome! 

We visited two museums, the Gemalde Gallerie and the mighty Pergamon. The Pergamon has the great Ishtar Gate from Babylon, the Market Gate of Miletus (a city on the Ionian coast in Turkey), and the Pergamon Altar from the Hellenistic world. The sheer size, the scope of space was stunning. Wonders of the ancient world!

This evening was our first concert, at Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church quite close to our hotel. Successful, especially given our jetlag, and the audience stood up and seemed to like it. Even Mr Agopian mentioned our "professional sound", and boy, when he's impressed, anyone should be. 

I will not be able to post as many photos as I would have liked, due to the wifi here which takes ages to upload each photo. I will post as many as I can. 

When I get home I will make an extra blog post and put the rest of the pictures up. 

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